Natalie Erb, Finance Director  I
Katherine Ajmeri,  Deputy Purchasing Agent | 865-463-6841 |
Sheila Davis, Purchasing Clerk | 865-457-6218 |
Kayla Childress, Account Clerk | 865-259-6903 |
Royden Crocker, Bid and Contract Management | 865-457-6251 |
General Purchasing Email |
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100 North Main Street, Room 214 | Clinton, TN 37716-3687
865-457-6218 | Fax 865-264-6252
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The office of the Anderson County Purchasing Agent is governed by the County Purchasing Law of 1981 and Tennessee Code Annotated. The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for all Anderson County Government Departments and the Anderson County School System. Purchasing is responsible for the acquisitions of all materials and services, as well as receiving and disposing of surplus property. Every purchase is made in Anderson County’s best interest while providing all vendors with a fair, open and equal opportunity to do business.

All formal solicitations are issued through Vendor Registry.

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