Anderson County’s Judicial Branch, which consists of three court divisions, is responsible for resolving disputes regarding state and county laws. Minor misdemeanors and small-claims suites are heard in General Session Court, which is divided into two districts. Major misdemeanors, felonies and other cased bound over to grand juries are tried in state criminal court, also called Circuit Court. Larger-claim civil disputes are heard in state Chancery Court.

Chancery Court | M. Nichole Cantrell, Chancellor
100 N Main St. Room 302 | Clinton, TN 37716-3618

Clerk and Master | Harold Cousins
100 N Main St. Room 308 | Clinton, TN 37716-3618

Circuit Court Court Clerk | Rex Lynch
The Circuit Court Clerk and his staff assembles and presents to the Circuit Court, General Session and Juvenile Court a wide variety of judicial information and records, ranging from daily court dockets to long-term records of individual cases. The Circuit Court Clerk also archives and provides public assess to these documents. In addition, the Circuit Court Clerk is responsible for collecting and disbursing court fees and maintaining the county’s law library.

Circuit Court | Judge Donald Elledge
100 N Main St. Room 313 | Clinton, TN 37716-3615

General Sessions-Division I | Judge Don Layton/Assistant Joeley Searle
100 N Main St. Room 309 | Clinton, TN 37716-3618

General Sessions-Division II | Judge Roger Miller/Assistant Rachel Shell
101 Bus Terminal Road | Oak Ridge,TN 37830-6932

Juvenile Court |  Judge Brian Hunt
101 S Main Street, Suite 200 | Clinton, TN 37716-3619

Judicial Resources 

100 N Main St. Room 115 | Clinton, TN 37716-3616
865-463-6850 or 865-463-6851

Community Mediation Services | Cindy Helton
100 N Main St. Room 115 | Clinton, TN 37716-3616

Alternatives to Incarceration
100 N Main St. Room 103 | Clinton, TN 37716-3631