Chief Deputy to the County Commission: Annette R. Prewitt |
100 North Main Street, Room 118 | Clinton, TN 37716
Telephone: 865-463-6866 | Fax: 865-264-6264

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The County Commission is the county legislative body of Anderson County Government. It is composed of sixteen members chosen by nonpartisan election, with two representing each of the county’s eight election districts. The constitution of Tennessee provides that counties are an extension of the state. A county’s authority is limited to those areas expressly granted to it by the constitution or the state legislature. The primary duties of the County Commission, as set forth in state law, include:

  • Setting county property tax rates,
  • Authorizing collection of miscellaneous taxes,
  • Authorizing capital projects and bond issues,
  • Adopting the county’s annual budget,
  • Appropriating all funds used in the operation of the county,
  • Approving zoning outside incorporated municipalities,
  • Adopting county building codes,
  • Contracting for annual audit of county records,
  • Recommending personnel policies for county offices,
  • Making appointments to most county committees, boards and commissions.